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Thank you for your interest in joining the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. Our Chamber currently have over 150 members. Your membership to the Chamber will enable you to network with other Oakland Chinatown Members, as well as other business owners at events where we co-sponsor with other Chambers and business associations. You will be listed on our website as a proud Chamber member along with your contact information for those customers who choose to go through our site for recommendations. You will be sent information that might be important to your business and can be sure that the Oakland Chinatown Chamber will advocate for issues that pertains to the business community.

We look forward to welcoming you to our organization.

Membership Benefits


Member Categories

Premier Members- $2,000 per year, up to 6 representatives. Prominently promoted on all Chamber venues, including events.


Corporate Members- $1,000 per year, up to 6 representatives. Prominently promoted online, and other marketing materials.


Business Members- $200 per year, up to 3 representatives. Business name listed online, plus a link to your website.


Individual Lifetime Members- $500

Individual name and company listed online.

One-time payment.


Individual Members- $80 per year

Individual name and company listed online.


Annual Events 

Lunar New Year Bazaar

Spring Banquet


Business Forum/Seminar


Special Events



  • Member listings on OCCC website.

  • Free or discount price to attend events sponsored by OCCC.

  • Receive business community news and updates through emails and OCCC social media.

  • 10% off for exhibitor fees at Lunar New Year Bazaar and StreetFest.

  • New members introduction at mixers, website, social media and in newsletters.

  • Advertising opportunities through marketing materials such as posters, T-shirts, the website, local maps, brochures, mailing labels, and email blast.

  • Provide workshops, seminars, or bilingual flyers to educate members on business topics.

  • Member to member benefits available.

  • Business advocacy on important issues in economic development, parking/loading and transportation policy, pedestrian safety, crime prevention, Chinatown beautification concerns. 


Afonso    Chan
Albert    Wong

Alfred    Lee
Alvin    Liao
Alvin N.    Chau
Andrew    Ling
Ann    Fok
Arlene    Lum
Barbara    Kong-Brown
Bryan    Fat
Carl    Chan
Caroline    Huang
Chek F.    Tang
Chengben    Wang
Chuen-Rong    Chan
Corinne    Jan
Danny    Ng
David    Gerlach
Debbie    Leong
Delfina    Fung
Derek    Kam
Derek    Tam
Dhruv    Patel
Dianna    Garrett
Dr. Augusta    Crutchfield
Dr. Ching-Hua    Wang
Dr. Yaoming    Luo
Elaine    Wong
Elnora    Tena Webb
Fanny    Li
Francis    Lan
George    Fang
George    Ong
Gilbert A.    Gin
Hai DE    Peng
Harry    Greer
Harry    Lin
Harvey    Woo
Howard    Lee


Isaac    Cheng
James    Chou
James    Williams
James    Ong
Jason    Wu
Jeff    Dang
Jeffrey    Poole
Jennifer Z    Gee
Jian    Lei
Jonathan    Martin
Joseph    Bray
Judith Ong    Szeto
Judy    Chu
Kenny    Auyeung
Kirk    Wong
Laura    Arreola
Lawrence    Ng
Lester    Wong
Li    Ding
Ling    Huang
Lucy    Lu
Lynn    Chung
Mable    Huang
Marilia    Rosario
Mark    Watts
Meilian    Flanagan
Michael    Ghielmetti
Michelle    Taylor
Mollie    Westphal
Nancy    Lee
Nathan    Wong
Nicholas    Marinelle
Nora    Vigil

Otto    Yu
Patty    Lee
Phong    La
Rachel    Balsley
Randy    Poon
Richard Hoa T.    Cooc
Rick    da Silva
Robert    Raburn
Ronnie    Turner
Rosina    Ko
Sabrina    Pacheco
Sandra    Wong
Sherry    Hirota
Sima    Patel
Stephen S.    Yeow
Steven K.    Lee
Sue    Park
Sugiarto    Loni
Susan    Muranishi
Taj    Tashombe
Taylor    Chow
TC Chi    Wagner
Ted    Lum
Tina    Wang
Tom    Guarino
Tony    He
Tsu-Wei    Weng
Victor    Jin
Warren    Chu
Wendy    Guan
William    Lee
Yu-Tien    Chi


Tel:  (510) 893-8979

Fax: (510) 893-8988


Email: Click Here


388 9th St Suite 290

Oakland CA

United States 94607

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