Community Parnters

Asian Health Services 亞健社
Asian Health Services, founded in 1974, provides health, social, and advocacy services for all regardless of income, insurance status, immigration status, language, or culture. Medical, dental, and mental health services are offered for all ages.

Medical Services (510) 986-6800
Dental Clinic (510) 986-6888
Member Services Department (510) 986-6880
Pediatrics (510) 986-6815
Teen Clinic (510) 986-1024

Family Bridges 家橋驛社
Nonprofit Family Bridges, Inc. serves approximately 10,000 clients– principally monolingual and LEP Asian-language speaking, moderate-to-low income, East Bay residents with programs including the Hong Fook Community-Based Adult Services Centers, Hong Lok Senior Centers, the Friendly Visitors program, the Social Services program, the Lake Merritt Child Care Center, and Health Home program.

Main Administrative Office (houses Development Department and the Social Services program)
168 11th Street, Oakland, CA 94607
Tel: (510) 839-2022

Asian Advisory Committee on Crime (AACC)/Asian Youth Services Committee (AYSC)
AACC is a local non-profit organization whose mission is to bring Asian committee organizations together to provide crime awareness.
AYSC is a youth non-profit community service organization whose mission is to provide a youth-directed environment where members can develop social, leadership, analytical, and organizational skills to conduct projects successfully.

321 8th St, Oakland, CA, 94607

Oakland Asian Cultural Center 屋崙亞裔文化中心
The Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC) was founded in 1984 by a coalition of volunteers who recognized the need for a strong artistic and cultural force in the Chinatown area. OACC builds vibrant communities through Asian and Pacific Islander arts and cultural programs that foster inter-generational and cross-cultural dialogue and understanding, collaboration, and social justice.

Pacific Renaissance Plaza, 388 Ninth Street, Suite 290, Oakland, California 94607

Wa Sung Community Service Club 華生社區服務社
The Wa Sung Community Service Club dedicates itself to increased service to the Oakland-East Bay Community and declares as its primary purpose to: foster understanding among all people of our community, encourage the recognition and preservation of the ethnic and cultural diversity of our community, seek to establish a community in which every person is encouraged to reach his or her highest potential, and assisting the Oakland-East Bay to become a community in which all residents work together in a climate of creative cooperation and peace.

P. O. Box 1561, Oakland, CA 94604

East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC)
Emphasizing historic and continuing commitment to Asian and Pacific Islander communities, EBALDC works with and for all the diverse populations of the East Bay to build healthy, vibrant and safe neighborhoods through community development.

1825 San Pablo Avenue, Suite 200, Oakland, CA 94612