Oakland Chinatown Community Benefit District 2022
Project Milestones

Oakland Chinatown community organizations and leaders are working together to form the Oakland Chinatown Community Benefit District 2022, a special property assessment district to provide supplemental services to property owners and benefiting the residents, businesses, organizations, employees and visitors to the greater Chinatown CBD.

Based on community input over many years, and the effectiveness of the Chinatown Improvement Initiative Project, and recent indications from the affected property owners, the mandated formation process is underway. Key upcoming milestones are:

  • Property Owners Survey

    All property owners of proposed CBD were asked for input on interest level and priority services.

  • Preparation of the District Management Plan, for approval by the Chinatown Steering Committee

    Based on the property owners Survey input and the Steering Committee guidance, Consultant to draft Management Plan for review and approval of Steering Committee; the preferred Management Plan & Assessment Engineer’s Report will be developed

  • Finalization of Management District Plan & Engineer's Report

    Reports to be reviewed by City of Oakland which include: Boundary Map, List of Services, Budget, detailed method of assessment, rules and regulations for the CBD listing of proposed assessment by parcel.

  • Petition Phase

    Mail petitions and District Management Plan Summary to all affected property owners. If property owners, who will pay more than 30% the assessments proposed to be levied, sign in favor, the District formation process continues.

  • 1st City Council Meeting: Resolution of Intention<

    The City Council considers and adopts the Resolution of Intention, which instructs the City Clerk to mail out ballots; approve the Management Plan &amp; Assessment Engineer’s Report; authorizes the City Administrator to sign Petition and Ballot and sets the Public Hearing date – July 20, 2021.

  • Assessment Ballot of Phase

    City of Oakland mails ballots and Notice of Public Hearing to all affect property owners at least 45 days prior to approved Public Hearing Date.

  • 2nd City Council Meeting: Public Hearing, Ballot Counting, Resolution of Formation

    City Council conducts public hearing, directs Ballot counting, if 50% by weight are in favor of the CBD, the City Council can establish the District and authorize placement of the assessment on the Fiscal Year tax roll.

  • Chinatown CBD Assessments Submittal

    Approved Assessment charges submitted to County of Alameda to add onto secured property tax bills of district property owners. City of Oakland to bill other property owners.

  • Chinatown CBD District Operational Set-Up

  • Chinatown CBD Iniates Service

    Supplemental District services, as defined in approved District Management Plan